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I’m adding products and can’t find a suitable product type. What’s the craic?

We have pre-loaded a huge selection of product types covering many product classifications on the Pure Derry market (and will continue to add more), however it’s simply impossible to foresee every outcome on a marketplace so diverse..

If you cant’ find a suitable product type from the drop-down to suit your product(s), then drop us a message to support@purederry.market to let us know what product type(s) you ideally need added to suit your products. We’ll add them for you, and if necessary, create a collection where your products will be gathered, and ping you back.

Do I have to wait for support to reply before continuing?

If you don’t want to wait around for our reply whilst you add products. simply assign them the product type: ‘Type Not Found’ and (provided you email us, as above) – we’ll update them to your preferred type whilst we’re making the changes for you. (It’s no problem).

Why don’t you just let us type them in ourselves?

Whilst possible, this results in a LOT of duplication, different spellings and interpretations of what products types should be called etc. Without consistency and standardisation on product types, the logic to manage collections becomes a ‘whole handling’

In short – bear with us.

As the marketplace evolves the product type list will grow to suit most needs and circumstances. (At which point this FAQ will become sad because no one will visit it anymore.)

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