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What commission rate are vendors charged on the Pure Derry Market?

The early bird commission rate on the Pure Derry Market is 10%.

  • This includes your credit card transaction fees ( approx 2.5% ) leaving 7.5% as our comission
  • There are currently no listing fees or joining fees, for all you early bird PDM Vendors.
  • Our fee also includes all the promotion and social activity for marketing the website.

I can’t trade feasibly at 10%. What are my options?

If you are producing your own products for sale (i.e local makers) and 10% is genuinely not feasible then we’d probably question whether you are valuing your products highly enough and need to revisit your pricing. We want everyone to flourish in the local economy – and in order for the marketplace to work, we need to it to generate an income for all parties. Both us and you.

We remain open to negotiating alternative fee arrangements with vendors in very specific industries where margins are notoriously tight and/or volume sales are highly likely, but these agreements will be thoroughly researched and most likely apply to sellers of third party products.

If you have any questions or concerns give us an email at support@purederry.market

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