I can’t see the product I just added

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Why can’t I see the product(s) I just added?

If you are adding a NEW type of product that isn’t already listed on the marketplace(?) then we most probably need to amend or create a collection so your products appear. This is normal.

We monitor products being added daily – so as new types of products come online, we’ll assign them to the appropriate collections, create any required new navigation items and find a place for your goods.

I am in a hurry!

If you’re dying to see em pop up, drop us an email to support@purederry.market and we’ll try and expedite this for yo.

I don’t think my product types are new.!!

If you are adding products of a type already on the system and can’t see them, double check the product type. is the same as others within the target collection/section – and if you still can’t see em, drop us an email! (We’ll sort it for you and email you back explaining what the craic was).

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